The Program

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The IB Diploma Program is characterized globally as a demanding pre-university course for students aged between 16 and 19 years. It involves rigorous assessment, following well-defined criteria, and culminates with external exams, simultaneously administered across the Organization around the world.

The Program is shown in the circle below:

At the center of the circle of the IB program are:

Theory of Knowledge:

Final Assignments on the Theory of Knowledge. It aims to address the nature of human knowledge, reflection of the processes of learning in all areas that make up the IB diploma and establish connections with the academic areas.

Extended Essay:

Elaboration of an autonomous scientific assignment. This is a dissertation of up to 4,000 words, with supervision of a tutor, which requires students to complete an assignment of scientific research on topics they have chosen.

CAS – Creativity, Activity, Service:

Requires the preparation of a Final Assignment, supervised by a tutor, focusing on all the areas approached:

  • Creativity: Weekly classes of Arts, plus a Curricular Focus Week. Currently includes assignments of photography, painting and music with professionals in the field of art;
  • Activity: Weekly classes of Physical Education, plus a Curricular Focus Week;
  • Service: Social assignment in charitable institutions, such as day care centers, youth centers, nursing homes and hospitals.