Pedagogical Structure

The School seeks the full qualification of the student, holistically developing their skills, abilities and knowledge.

Our student will be an autonomous, sensitive and critical person, able to take care and be responsible for their own well-being and the environment in which they live, respecting other cultures and sympathizing with the differences.

Early Childhood Education


4 years


5 years

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Primary Education I

1st Grade

6 years

2nd Grade

7 years

3rd Grade

8 years

4th Grade

9 years

5th Grade

10 years

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Primary Education II

6th Grade

11 years

7th Grade

12 years

8th Grade

13 years

9th Grade

14 years

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Secondary Education + IB

1st Grade

15 years

2nd Grade

16 years

3rd Grade

17 years

4th Grade

18 years

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The School has large classrooms, Chemistry, Physics and Biology laboratories, a Computer room, a woodwork room, ateliers of arts and ceramics and an experimental kitchen.
It also offers a multimedia library, sports gymnasium, children’s playgrounds, theater, canteen and cafeteria and a medical clinic.