Pedagogical Structure

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The School seeks the full qualification of the student, holistically developing their skills, abilities and knowledge.

Our student will be an autonomous, sensitive and critical person, able to take care and be responsible for their own well-being and the environment in which they live, respecting other cultures and sympathizing with the differences.

Early Childhood Education


Pre-Kindergarten: 4 years

Kindergarten: 5 years

Primary Education I


1 st Grade: 6 years

2 nd Grade: 7 years

3 rd Grade: 8 years

4 th Grade: 9 years

5 th Grade: 10 years

Primary Education II


6 th Grade: 11 years

7 th Grade: 12 years

8 th Grade: 13 years

9 th Grade: 14 years

Secondary Education


1 st Grade: 15 years

2 nd Grade: 16 years

3 rd Grade: 17 years

4 th Grade: 18 years