Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1. Is the IB Diploma accepted in the United States?

Very few universities accept only the IB Diploma. Most require the SAT. However, once accepted, the universities give credits to the subjects taken at Higher Level.

2. Is the IB Diploma accepted in Brazil?

Yes. The faculty of Economics of FGV, FIA, ESPM and FAAP accept the IB Diploma.

3. Does the IB Diploma have an expiration date?

No. Language examinations, such as TOEFL and IELTS, are valid for 2 years.


4. What is the maximum score of the IB Diploma?

45 points. The maximum score in each of the six subjects is 7, which totals 42. In addition, there is a bonus of up to 3 points from the combination of the grades for Theory of knowledge (TOK) and Extended Essay (EE), grades from A (maximum) to E (minimum). There is no grade for CAS (Creativity, Action and Social Service) but, if the requirements are not met, the Diploma is not awarded, regardless of the points achieved.

5. What is the required score to study in Switzerland or in Germany?

The federal universities in Switzerland require 32 points (without the grade for TOK and EE). Additionally, the student must have studied Mathematics or a science in HL. The ETH University requires 38 points.


6. How many times can a student take the IB exams?

The student has 3 opportunities to obtain the IB Diploma or improve their score, which do not need to be consecutive. After the first session of exams, two more attempts can be made, in sessions called “retake”.

7. Can the result of the “retake” lower the score?

No. The highest grade will always prevail.

8. Does the School select students for the IB?

No. In our school, all Secondary Education students complete the International Baccalaureate Program – IB.