Skills Developed

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  • Reading and understanding of texts with different characteristics, in various learning levels and in various languages – German, Portuguese, English and French;
  • Oral presentations, for the analysis of linguistic performance, with oral tests recorded and then assessed abroad;
  • Preparation of texts, through the production of dossiers, based on themes that are freely chosen;
  • Preparation of book reviews on literature and human sciences;
  • Interdisciplinary research in the natural sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics;
  • Field work, with research outings for Geography and Biology;
  • Preparation of portfolios in exact sciences: personal research with presentation of findings; modeling and mathematical analysis;
  • Studies of music, photography, ceramics, painting, with integrated projects in the Study Weeks;
  • Outings to places requiring specific skills and to overcome challenges: climbing, sailing, hiking, canoeing and others;
  • Production and oral presentation of academic papers, “Extended Essay”, with the aim of developing and improving the skills for the professional field;
  • Development of social activities included in the CAS Program, preparing young people to deal with the differences;
  • Development of a critical sense, based on the understanding, interpretation and reflection from different scientific, social, and cultural points of view, TOK program and History;