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The School has large classrooms, Chemistry, Physics and Biology laboratories, a Computer room, a woodwork room, ateliers of arts and ceramics and an experimental kitchen.

It also offers a multimedia library, sports gymnasium, children’s playgrounds, theater, canteen and cafeteria and a medical clinic.


The Library has a collection of approximately 18,000 titles in Portuguese, German, English and French.


Searches can be made on the local terminals. There is a space designed especially for younger children.


The school has five specialized rooms available for Exact Sciences, thanks to the support of the Göhner Foundation, from Switzerland.


There are Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratories and two rooms for theory studies, one of which is equipped with a digital board, multimedia tool, which makes the academic activities more modern and dynamic


The Computer room, which is used for curriculum lessons, is also available during the day for students to develop their work, with constant support from a specialized teacher.

Sports Gymnasium

The Sports Gymnasium has 1,300 m2 and allows the practice of various sport disciplines.

It also has changing rooms and a gymnastics room.


Thanks to the support of the Canton Patron of Basel, it has covered bleachers, which were inaugurated in 2006.

Arts and Crafts

At the Escola Suíço-Brasileira, the teaching of Arts is part of the curriculum right up to the end of Secondary Education. Students participate in activities and projects in music, cooking, theater, photography and woodwork in various spaces and ateliers.

Canteen and Cafeteria

As the school works in the half-day/full-day regime, it offers full meals. For snacks and quick meals, we also have a special cafeteria.


The company Scolarest, of the GRSA group, is responsible for the quality of the products and services. Meals and snacks can be paid with a pre-paid magnetic card or in cash.

Experimental Kitchen

The School has a modern and fully equipped Experimental Kitchen where weekly cooking classes are given to its students as well as a free cooking course in German.