Primary Education II

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In Primary Education II, the curricular contents related to the subjects of the curriculum framework are mastered. The student acquires and incorporates study procedures and, through developing their respect and solidarity, they learn how to live socially.

From the 6th Grade onwards, new classes are organized independently of the native language of the student. German is now taught in groups, depending on the student´s level of knowledge and English is also introduced into the curriculum.

French is taught at the beginning of the 8th Grade, when the initial exams for German certification are also held. In the 9th Grade, students take the French exams.

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    6th and 7th Grades:
    – 34 weekly lessons
    – 7h30/12h05 e 13h00/15h35 (three times a week)

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    8th and 9th Grades:
    – 37 weekly lessons
    – 7h30/12h05 e 13h00/15h35 (four times a week)



Portuguese, German, English and French

Social Sciences and Natural Sciences

History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Basic Concepts of Mathematics and Logic

Mathematics and Geometry


Basic Training

Physical Education

Physical Education


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